Making mats for RAISE

In the middle of the blinds is a 3-layer composite – a ‘mylar sandwich’ with thinsulate in the middle. We glue it together from huge rolls & sew it into blinds in the She Shed. The offcuts of the ‘sandwich’ are are often large but not wasted, we use them as packaging to protect the blinds in transit. It struck me as wasteful to use such a high tech product just once in this way.

Mylar is ‘space blanket’, often used as emergency blankets, and thinsulate is used for polar gloves, so the offcuts are ideal for warm & lightweight sleeping mats, clothing or protection from cold & damp.

We now stitch the edges of the larger offcuts and give them as multi-purpose mats / blankets to the Refugee Action in Somerset East (RAISE). (Facebook page). They are a group who coordinate ongoing support to refugees around the world. They meet every Monday afternoon at ‘Your Storage Space’ in Frome to sort through items and arrange delivery. Some suitable items go to Calais, others to Syria, working with RAFT in Taunton. (Facebook page). Here is a list of their achievements.

There is a long list of items needed on the website. At the moment men’s gloves, hats, scarves, socks and pants are priorities but also blankets, clothes for women and children, travel cots, walking aids, toiletries, and cold remedies.

New fabric launch

We are excited to launch a new range of fabrics, carefully tested to ensure they work well with our 25-component thermal blinds. For samples please send an email with a photo of your window(s) & sizes and a list of the fabrics you are interested in. Check the ordering page for measuring guides.

all on dark

The images below are split into the 3 price bands, with Astoria & Waldorf offering the best value blinds. Click and zoom for close-up view.

There are 3 price ranges, A (Waldorf & Astoria, 32 colours), B (Motif & Velton, 40 + 21 colours) & C (Agua, 10 colours, fireproof & suitable for public buildings). Below these you can see some colour ranges for inspiration – Creams/Beiges, Greys, Greens, Reds, Browns, Blues & Darks.

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Cleaning thermal blinds

Someone asked the other day how to clean a red blind in a bathroom if it were to be stained with soap or toothpaste marks. So we decided to go one step further & test for pencil, pen & lipstick too, using a variety of cleaning methods. Here are the results.

Because the blinds have 25 components, one of which is a sewn-in aluminium bar along the bottom edge, they are not ideal for dry cleaning, though that is certainly a possibility. Bespoke curtains often must not be washed at all as they can shrink badly, & makers tend to recommend just vacuuming them. But our blinds are more robust than this so we plastered on the offending products, left them for 3 days to mature & then tested several cleaning methods.


First step was to take a rubber to the pencil & pen marks. This removed the majority of the pencil and some of the pen (middle sample below).


We then washed the face of all but one of the samples with a biological washing liquid (right sample above). This was applied with a sponge and rubbed pretty vigorously. Finally on one sample we used spray cleaner & on another sugar soap!

IMG_1006Here you see the results, from left to right;

  1. Control, 2. spray cleaner only, 3. rubber, washing liquid then sugar soap, 4. rubber, washing liquid, 5. rubber, washing liquid then spray cleaner, 6. control.

So as you can see lipstick is the major offender, it almost comes off on sample 5 but could have been successful if tackled immediately. All the other stains can be removed, starting with a simple rubber on pen or pencil, then scrub wash & finally use a spray cleaner if necessary. Don’t use sugar soap!

New ingenious blind types

Now our roman blinds are an established product we’ve turned our attention to other types of windows with both thermal and blackout problems. With a combination of magnets, velcro & ingenuity we have several solutions which might help your own problem windows and doors.

There are several ways of attaching, folding & fixing suitable for; narrowboats, unusual windows, door panels, velux windows, campervans and more. Here are some of our ideas.

These are mostly simple panels with hidden secrets – we can use velcro, magnets or a combination of both, with fibreglass rods for stiffness if required.

The velux solution is a combination of velcro in the top half of the window, magnets in the bottom half & a tab tie so you can roll it right up. So the halfway-open solution is fast & easy, just clicks open & closed.

velux 2_1

Velux blind – left: front with magnets, right: roll & velcro for fully up

velux 2_2

Left: fitting the velcro, right: blind half-up held with magnets

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Unique blinds?

So what’s unique about our thermal blinds? Well, for starters, they are truly insulating, unlike most other ‘thermal’ blinds which rely on either a single layer of foil material or open-ended folds of paper-like material containing tiny pockets of air. Our blinds have 3 insulating components – two layers of Mylar – a reflective, resistive metal-coated ployester. These both keep heat in and stop solar overheating. Then a 7mm thick Thinsulate layer, made of thousands of tiny [15 micrometres (µm) in diameter], fibres, trapping air (& used in Jag soft-top roofs, apparently). Together these materials bring the insulation level to the equivalent of triple glazing. No other blinds on the market achieve this level of insulation.

Secondly, unlike most roman blinds which hang in front of your wall or window, they fit tight against the frame and overlap at the top & sides, bringing the overlapping edges in contact with your window frame. This reduces gaps around the edges to a minimum. And thirdly they have tiny hidden magnets sewn inside, matched by self-adhesive magnets (just 1mm thick) which you put on your frame. This gives a very snug fit and stop that down-draught from cold glass which can drop into your room. Continue reading

It’s getting cold!

We’ve lined the inside of the door panels to our workshop with offcuts from the thermal blinds, ssems to have done the trick! Now its getting chilly we are working hard to finish your orders promptly and enjoying working with our new fabrics.

We’ve had some great publicity via the Homes & Design section of The Independent early in December (pics here but theres no online version) and a similar piece in Homes & Property. If you’d like a quote just send us a photo of your windows and the sizes & we’ll do the rest. See our ‘ordering‘ page for measuring details.

Article on keeping warm in The Independent

Article on keeping warm in The Independent

Photo of a thermal blind from The Independent article

Photo of a thermal blind from The Independent article

Be sure of a warm welcome sm

Blind articles

We’ve had some really lovely pieces written in the last couple of years, the latest being on the blog ‘All Things Bright & Good‘, a lovely blog by Judy who I met at a Frome ‘Jelly’ (an event where home workers work together for a day). She has written a book about homeworking & also runs the blog ‘Working from Home Wisdom‘ which is full of great tips on homeworking and there did an article about me in unusual home working jobs.

Judy gave me her loft-stored sewing machine when I first set up, it was her 18th birthday present so very special! It was my workhorse for two years til I bought my amazing Pfaff.

The She-Shed and Pfaff

We also got a mention by Julia Kendell in the Sunday Times, by Roger Hunt on ‘old windows need not be cold‘, a very fascinating blog, and I believe we are mentioned in his book too ‘Old House Eco Handbook‘ (must get a copy!)

Julia  said;

“Heavy lined curtains are a tried and tested way to keep in heat, but there are more effective options. “A clever solution is thermal blinds,” She recommends a new product by the designer Katy Duke. Her thermal blinds lock onto the frame with magnets and are made with materials used in skiwear.

Roger said;

“As an alternative to replacing windows there are a variety of low impact and cost effective alternatives:

Rattling windows may be wedged or, with sash windows, a fastener with a cam action which draws the two sashes together can be fitted.

Shutters and heavy curtains reduce draughts and keep heat in, especially if they’re closed before it gets dark so the warmth of the day is retained. One further step is to install thermal blinds which incorporate a variety of insulating and reflective layers designed to minimise conduction through the fabric.

We also got a lovely write up in Blinds & Shutters magazine when Katy won the PEA Award.

The next article expected is in The List, a very popular local magazine. Check out the December issue!

Sunday Times article by Julia Kendell

Article in Blinds & Shutters magazine

Article in Blinds & Shutters magazine


Four Shows

We will be showing our thermal blinds at four one-day shows in the next month – come & see us in Highgate, Bath, Frome or Wells;

1. Saturday 13th September, Highgate, London. 21st Century Homes. 11am – 4.30pm, Channing School, The Bank N6 5HF.

2. Sunday 14th September, Bath. Bath Home Improvement Fair. 12 noon – 4pm, The Guildhall, Bath.

3. Sunday 14th September, Frome. One Planet Sunday. 10am – 4pm, Cheese & Grain, Frome.

4. Saturday 27th September, Wells. Transition Wells Energy Day. 10am – 4pm, Wells Town Hall.





Discount in May

Special discounts available for May only for anyone within 15 miles of our HQ at BA11 – 10% discount on thermal blinds in standard fabric (9 colours available) if you order 2 or more.

ALSO there is a 5% discount available for all orders of four blinds or more, wherever you are.

Email your sizes and a photo and we will send you a price & swatches.

15 miles

triple std