New fabric launch

We are excited to launch a new range of fabrics, carefully tested to ensure they work well with our 25-component thermal blinds. For samples please send an email with a photo of your window(s) & sizes and a list of the fabrics you are interested in. Check the ordering page for measuring guides.

all on dark

The images below are split into the 3 price bands, with Astoria & Waldorf offering the best value blinds. Click and zoom for close-up view.

There are 3 price ranges, A (Waldorf & Astoria, 32 colours), B (Motif & Velton, 40 + 21 colours) & C (Agua, 10 colours, fireproof & suitable for public buildings). Below these you can see some colour ranges for inspiration – Creams/Beiges, Greys, Greens, Reds, Browns, Blues & Darks.

A: The full range of Astoria fabrics (PRICE RANGE A – low) is here; (click to enlarge)

Astoria full sm

B: Here is the full range of MOTIF fabrics (PRICE RANGE B – mid) – click to enlarge or scroll down for high-res images.

Motif ALL sm

Section A & B

Motif AB sm

Sections C & D

Motif CD smSection E & F

Motif EF sm

C: Velton (PRICE RANGE C – high)

Velton range sm

C: Agua (PRICE RANGE C – high)


beige fabricsGREYS rangeGREENS range

REDS range

BROWNS rangeBLUES range

DARKS range


2 thoughts on “New fabric launch

  1. Hi Katy

    Lois Bellew here., Patrick’s wife. We are in the market for thermal roman blinds in our new draughty house! Can you send me a swatch of the Astoria Pumpkin please? I am looking for thermally lined linen cloth but can’t see what the make up of this cloth is from your website..Is it at least cotton? I see most of the others are all polyester.

    Hope all is going well this is a great product.

  2. Hi Lois, I’ve seen the photos & can’t see any problems with the smaller windows. The fabric needs to be a tight weave to make sure the mylar doesn’t show through. I’ll order & send you some samples, including the inner layers & email you with some more technical info.

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