New fabric launch

We are excited to launch a new range of fabrics, carefully tested to ensure they work well with our 25-component thermal blinds. For samples please send an email with a photo of your window(s) & sizes and a list of the fabrics you are interested in. Check the ordering page for measuring guides.

all on dark

The images below are split into the 3 price bands, with Astoria & Waldorf offering the best value blinds. Click and zoom for close-up view.

There are 3 price ranges, A (Waldorf & Astoria, 32 colours), B (Motif & Velton, 40 + 21 colours) & C (Agua, 10 colours, fireproof & suitable for public buildings). Below these you can see some colour ranges for inspiration – Creams/Beiges, Greys, Greens, Reds, Browns, Blues & Darks.

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