It is essential to see an internal photo of your windows to establish the best fixing methods and whether the blinds are suitable for you. Please send us dimensions of your windows and a photo or two (especially the corners, without your existing curtains or blinds covering them) & we will contact you with more information. We will send a guide price & discuss all the options available.

See our sash window measuring guide or our non-sash window measuring guide for details on the information we will need.  There is also information about fitting blinds in historic buildings here.

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  1. Hi, I am looking for a roller style thermal blind. 1000mm width, 1700mm drop. No picture attached but would like a rough price. Thanks

  2. Hi Martin, I’m afraid we don’t make roller blinds in thermal fabric. We’ve tried a prototype but it doesn’t roll well. We only supply roman (folding) blinds.

  3. Like Martin above I also was really looking for thermal roller blinds to insulate the single glazed windows (23 of them) in my Grade II listed house, so that they could be pulled right down in the winter and covered by the curtains at night, it is a pity that you don’t sell this type of blind as not everybody wants roman style blinds that are a decorative feature in themselves, and replace the need for tradional curtains. You might want to consider producing roller thermal blinds as the majority of people living in Grade I or Grade II listed properties already have tradional curtains installed over their listed windows.

    Could you also please let me know what ‘R-Value’ i.e. the measure of thermal resistance your blinds achieve? As there are many companies on the internet advertising thermal blinds, but so few of them state the R-Value thermal resistance, which is necessary if the consumer is going to purchase the most effective thermal blinds.

    Regards & Many Thanks Jonathan

    Nevertheless if you could give me a price guide (I can’t find it on your website)for the blinds that you do have available I would consider purchasing your roman folding blinds

  4. Hi Jonathan, thanks for your ideas. I have made prototype roller blinds but as the inner layers roll they bulk up & do not work well (also the edge magnets don’t work). The roman blinds are a flat panel when down and do work well behind existing curtains in most cases.

    The thermal resistivity is explained on the technical page (above) – the U-value for a typical single glazed window is reduced from 4.8W/sq.mC to around 1.8 to 2.0 W/sq.mC.

    I normally request a photo & dimensions of your windows before offering a price as there are a selection of headrails, chains & drives and the price depends on the size too. If you’d like to do this I will send you a price & a swatch. Please email me on info@thermalblind.co.uk.

    Many thanks, Katy

  5. Could you send me some samples of the fabric please. My address is xxxxxx.

    I am interested in buying blinds for 4 rooms. Samples of all colours would be great.



  6. Could you send me fabric swatches of your thermal blinds to:


    Aso could you let me know what clearance is needed for the Roman bling i.e., how far it needs to be able to stick out as it folds/unfolds? We have 12 single glaze windows which we don’t rally want to replace

    Many thanks

  7. Hi

    These blinds are quite pretty heavy. How do you attach them …?

    Do you have a fitting service? Do you recommend that they fit within or outside the recess? We prefer within. Our windows are recessed uPVC. They are double glazed but we have a lot of glass and worried about cold weather.



  8. Hi Simon, the blinds have robust brackets which fix with screws. For large blinds you use three or more brackets. The heavy duty winders reduce the force required to pull the blinds up. For recessed blinds you normally fix to the underside of the soffit but may need a small batten down each reveal to attach the magnets to seal around the edges. Please send photos and sizes by email & we can check if this would work in your case.

  9. Hi, sorry Patricia we missed your comment, would you mind sending an email request with a photo of your windows and dimensions and we will reply in detail to your enquiry.

  10. Hi. I have two small children and these blinds would be hung above a window seat so I’m concerned about the chain controls – do you do any child friendly options ? thanks

  11. Hi, yes we always send the blinds with safety catches. You can also shorten the chain loops, depending on the windows. If you’d like to send some photos I can advise on your specific situation.

  12. I am cosidering thermal blinds for a north facing lounge window which has 15year old double glazing and whose curtains are rarely closed.
    Have you any evidence of your blinds significantly improving on the performance of double glazing?

  13. Hi Roger,

    The blinds won’t have quite such a significant effect on double as single glazing (see technical report) but you will feel a difference when they are in use, particularly on older glazing. Send us some photos & sizes and we’ll send you more details, prices & a swatch.

  14. Hi, I am looking to get some blinds made up. Is it possible to get a sample of the colours. I am Particularly interested in the following colours – Cafe, Caramel, Spice, Oyster,Reseda (green). Is there a possibility of having a broad stripe at the bottom in a different colour? Kind regards Caroline

  15. Hi Caroline, Yes I can send you samples if you email me your address to katy@thermalblind.co.uk – I can probably do a broad stripe for you without too much trouble. Ideally send some photos and the dimensions and I can give you a price.

  16. Hi Caroline, Im moving into a new build house with double glazing. I will order roman blinds for all the windows. I thought I might order thermal ones, hopefully to get extra insulation but I would prefer to install them OUTSIDE the recess as I do not want to restrict any light coming in. Will this have an adverse effect on the thermal qualities of the blinds?
    Kind regards, Anne

  17. Hi Anne,

    That’s shouldn’t be a problem, we have fitted blinds outside the recess before. If you could send some photos and sizes to info@thermalblind.co.uk I will take a look and advise you, plus give you prices. If you’d like samples don’t forget your address. Best wishes, Katy.

  18. Hi,

    I’m looking for just a single thermal Roman blind, to fit in the recess of a window in a new build house. It’s for my baby boy’s bedroom, which faces south – so as you can imagine, it’s horribly hot in there right now! Also, as it’s a new build house, it’s very well insulated and never really gets cold even in winter. So…

    … My twin concerns are a) to exclude as much light as possible and b) to keep as much heat OUT of the room as possible. Would your blinds be suitable, do you think?

    Many thanks,


  19. Hi Emma, yes it should work well on both counts. Send me a photo and the sizes and I’ll give you a price & further advice. I’ll need to see the edges of the frame and any handles, etc.
    Best wishes,


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