Measuring up – non-sash windows

How to do it for a non-sash window. Often the blinds are fitted in the recess of a window reveal. Because the headrail is 44mm deep it is usually fitted in front of the existing frame, fixed either up into the soffit or into the window frame (see below).

Measurements needed for non-sash windows

Measurements needed for non-sash windows

We will need the exact measurements of the width & height of your recess, together with photos showing each corner of the window (without curtains or blinds), plus the floor to sill height. Download instructions (pdf) here, or a Word version here. The blind will be made about 8mm narrower than the recess so it doesn’t rub on the walls.

thermal roman blind

Bracket for deluxe headrail & batten in reveal

thermal roman blind

Deluxe headrail with batten

In this case it is also usual to fit a small planed softwood batten (22mm x 44mm) down each side of the window, both to fill the gap & to hold the magnets. The headrail will be supplied 50mm shorter than the reveal width to accommodate this. The batten is then painted to match the frame or wall. Typical batten supply here. After hanging the blind the magnets are attached to the front edge of the batten (full instructions come with the blind).

thermal roman blind

Oyster blind showing added batten with magnets


thermal roman blind

Drawing showing batten position in reveal

thermal roman blind

Shows batten fixed in front of existing frame

4 thoughts on “Measuring up – non-sash windows

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  2. Is it possible to fit these on bay windows?

    I am also concerned about how the tracking and attachment might affect beautiful existing woodwork – you could you advise this might be avoided.

    Thank you

  3. Hi I need some blinds for a double glazed patio door would like to fit the blind outside of the recess instead of curtains. the door is 221cm drop 200cm width can you also send me a price &samples especially Red’s

  4. Hi Gill, sorry we missed your comment, yes the blinds can work well on bay windows, depending on the corner details. The track fixes simply with screws. The tiny magnets are glued onto your window but these can be left off if you prefer.

    Hi Carol, your sizes are larger than the fabric dimension so would need seams. For doors there are a few issues to consider. If you send an email with a photo or two we can confirm if they would work, we will also need an address for samples.

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