Measuring up – non-sash windows

How to do it for a non-sash window. Often the blinds are fitted in the recess of a window reveal. Because the headrail is 44mm deep it is usually fitted in front of the existing frame, fixed either up into the soffit or into the window frame (see below).

Measurements needed for non-sash windows

Measurements needed for non-sash windows

We will need the exact measurements of the width & height of your recess, together with photos showing each corner of the window (without curtains or blinds), plus the floor to sill height. Download instructions (pdf) here, or a Word version here. The blind will be made about 8mm narrower than the recess so it doesn’t rub on the walls.

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More about the fabric

The standard fabric we use is a 100% polyester blackout fabric, the swatch below shows the full range – from the left they are; Rose (pink), Red (crimson), Terracotta, Cafe (brown), Caramel (dark beige), Spice (warm beige), Oyster (pale cream), Bamboo (creamy yellow), Receda (mid green), Blue. … more.

Ten colours available

See the gallery for a variety of blind images. Also available is our 100% UK recycled fabrics. For sash windows check out how to measure up & read about Listed Buildings – how to fit blinds in historic buildings.

Leaflets & information packs here, Magnet information here. Read more on retrofit projects, Ecobuild & the Sunday Times article.

Components – the magnets

One of the key elements to reducing heatloss using thermal blinds is to get a good edge seal between the blind and the frame when they are down. This is achieved using high-performance magnets which are sealed within the blind along the outer edges. Each ‘internal’ magnet is then paired with a self-adhesive magnet attached to the window frame, which ‘click’ tightly together when the blind is lowered. They are described by the manufacturer as “Ultra High Performance Neodymium Magnets” – the most powerful permanent magnets known. They are supplied in nickel finish but can be painted on site (we’ve used Humbrol enamels) to match your frame.

We use 10mm diameter N42 Neodymium Magnets. The NORTH pole is on the showing magnetic face and the SOUTH pole is on the face covered in adhesive. These Magnets are plated with 3 layers of protective coatings – Nickel + Copper + Nickel (Ni-Cu-Ni). More technical details are below; Continue reading