Measuring up – sash windows

How to do it – for a sash window. The blinds were designed specifically for sash windows, though they work on other windows (see this post). Here is a drawing showing how they fit & which dimensions we need. You can download the instructions as a pdf  (includes photos) here and if you’d like a Word version of the dimension chart to fill in it is available here.

typical sash winow showing where the blind fits

typical sash winow showing where the blind fits

sash window measure

How to measure your sash window

This is how the track & magnets look on a typical sash window;

blind fitted in a sash window, showing track and magnets

Fitting details

Alternative fitting details


6 thoughts on “Measuring up – sash windows

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  2. I am not clear re the measurements you require. For the purposes of an initial estimate, I hope the following information is of use:
    The section directly next to the sliding sash is 60 inches long by 42 inches wide. I will send a photograph separately.
    Lynne Cubbin

  3. Hi, can you please advise on a rough cost for a blind 1560w x 1660h before I do the detailed measuring. Thanks

  4. Hi Lucy, could you send a photo please? The fabric is 1400mm wide and so it will be necessary to have a seam, so I’d rather advise you if there is an alternative way to deal with your window, and to check that its suitable for a blind. As a guide the blinds are from £160 per sq.m.

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