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Child safety is important to us. With recent new legislation (February 2014) our blinds now have additional safety features to ensure that there is no choking or strangulation hazard to children. There are two modifications which will be made on all blinds from 28th February 2014.

1. The chain loops supplied to control the blinds will be supplied so they hang no lower than 1500mm off the floor and included will be appropriate safety cleats for you to fix the bottom of the chain loop. These have been supplied with the blinds for some time now but it is now compulsory for the customer to fit them on installation.

2. The cords on the back of the blind will either be supplied at spacings which do not need safety devices OR we will supply the blind complete with safety release catches designed so that the cord separates under a load of 6kg.

These features ensure that the blinds comply with the new British Standard BS EN 13120. For more details see our suppliers information page.

We offer a retrofit scheme for older blinds for our existing customers. Contact if you have any concerns or would like to have your blinds modified. We advise all previous customers to ensure they have fitted the safety catches provided. If existing blinds are accessible by young children please consider using our retrofit service.

You can download the British Blind & Shutter Association’s ‘Make it Safe’ brochure here or see the ‘Make it Safe’ website.

Safety cleats & labels are supplied with your blind

Safety cleats & labels are supplied with your blind

child safety catches

The back of the blind has quick release safety catches


make it safe

Safety cord release on back of blind, how it works:

More information from ROSPA.

We fully support the BBSA’s (British Blind and Shutter Association) ‘make it safe’ campaign. We will supply and install safety devices or offer alternative operating methods where children or vulnerable people may be present.
The BBSA’s recommendations to parents and carers are:
  • Do not place a child’s cot, bed, playpen or high chair near a window so they may reach a blind cord
  • Do not place furniture near a window that a child could climb on to reach a blind cord
  • Do make sure that a safety device is fitted to keep the cords taut or out of reach
You can download a copy of the BBSA’s ‘make it safe’ brochure free at
Parents and carers are reminded that:
“Complete elimination of the strangulation risk can only be achieved by keeping cords, chains, and
tapes and similar out of the reach of children. Use of additional safety devices may reduce the risk ofstrangulation but cannot be considered foolproof ……Persons in charge of children are ultimately
responsible for following the safety instructions provided by the manufacturer.”
EN 13120 – Internal Blinds Performance requirements including Safety.
Useful information from Hunter Douglas.

Please note we can supply retrofit safety devices as well – don’t take a chance, make it safe!

The safety catches are hand-sewn onto the back of the blind

The safety catches are hand-sewn onto the back of the blind


safety clip for blinds

Cord locked into safety clip

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