It is essential to see an internal photo of your windows to establish the best fixing methods and whether the blinds are suitable for you. Please send us dimensions of your windows and a photo or two (especially the corners, without your existing curtains or blinds covering them) & we will contact you with more information. We will send a guide price & discuss all the options available.

See our sash window measuring guide or our non-sash window measuring guide for details on the information we will need.  There is also information about fitting blinds in historic buildings here.

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  1. Hi, I am looking to get some sash blinds.

    I got 3 months old baby and 3 (one in bedroom, 2 in living room) massive (1.90X 1.25) Victorian sash windows.

    I have downloaded how to measure guide , will measure again and email you photos and sizes.

    I don’t own the flat will probably stay in this flat another year and move out.

    My question is…
    When I move into new flat can the curtains be altered ? Could the alteration be for smaller window frames?
    Will you do this alteration in the future ? How much would this cost?

    The color will be café, caramel sort of colors to match with the sofa.

    However we will most probably will leave the sofa when leaving.
    Will you suggest some colors which would possible go with all and send some samples?

    Can you possibly give us a quote for 3 blinds of 1.90X 1.25?

    Thank you Katy

  2. Hi, I will email you directly with more information and send you guide prices – will need your address for samples so do send that privately to info(at)thermalblind.co.uk. There is a possibility of being able to alter but as the blinds are made to measure and have around 25 different components they may be difficult to alter. It’s likely that new blinds would be a similar price.

    Best wishes,


  3. Hi Robert, I’m afraid we do not have any showrooms. We will be attending Shows in Bath & Frome on 14th September and samples will be at a Show in Highgate on 13th September. Otherwise you can send details of your windows (see the ‘ordering’ page) and your address & we will send prices and swatches and bigger samples if required. The Highgate Show information can be found at http://21stcenturyhomes.org.uk

  4. Hi

    We are keen on installing a number of these thermal blinds in conjunction with curtains into our grade 2 listed home –

    I am an architect and I have two questions the first a technical observation

    1. Looking at the thermal graph the drop in temperature is very rapid through the blind as a result of using very high performance materials. I know from experience that great care has to be used when introducing these very thin high performance materials due to an increased risk of interstitial condensation. Is there a risk of moisture collecting on the rear of these blinds on a very cold evening etc when there is a big temp differential?are you able to ensure that this will not be a problem ?

    2. If we wanted to match the blinds with curtains of the same material can you provide material to do so or put us in contact with your material supplier ?

    Regards Robert

  5. Hi Robert,

    All five layers of fabric are robust and selected to cope with some dampness. As you rightly point out, the rear of the blinds are vulnerable to condensation in cold weather, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. The lining fabric is a poly cotton with a bonded finish to make it a blackout fabric. The internal Mylar layer is vapour resistant. The Thinsulate is designed for washable clothing. The front fabrics are high-quality robust polyesters.

    When the blind is used the space between the glass & the blind is ventilated so most condensation can evaporate. The magnets at each edge allow a trickle of ventilation. In extreme situations a black mould could in theory appear though the blind can readily be wiped clean using a fabric spray if needed. The oldest blinds I have are often subject to condensation and have not yet shown any signs of deterioration.

    In very extreme situations (eg. a shower room) We can supply with a 3-pass lining which has more moisture resistance. You can also get a number of different ‘moisture traps’ which are very effective. We have links if you need any.

    The fabrics we use are suitable for curtains and we could supply this separately to you, or can offer a curtain-making service if you prefer.

    If you’d like to send dimensions and photos of your windows we can give you further technical information via email.

  6. Hi I am looking for a price for roman blinds for our large bay window, the 2 side windows are 60cm wide by 136cm drop and the large centre window is 232cm wide by 136cm drop id like them either in a cream or light gold colour thanks

  7. Hi Debbie, I will email you with some details. Your central window is very wide, it would be good to see a photo, especially as the fabric is 1400mm wide and that size may need a seam.

  8. Hi Katy,

    I’m on the hunt for some thermal blinds and yours sound excellent. We recently moved into an apartment on the top floor of a mill conversion, with lots of large windows. The difficulty is that most of the windows are set into the roof at about 45 degrees and are fairly wide at 2100mm the drop ranges from 1000 to 1300mm. The windows sit in a large recess. Do you think your blinds would be suitable for this situation? I’m hoping the magnets would hold the blinds in place.

    Thank you, James

  9. Hi James, The magnets are placed at each fold & lift, and the blinds slide up away from them when the cord is raised. They come back together when the blind is lowered. However on a slant the blinds would have to run on cables to keep them at the correct angle, and you’d also likely need a pulley at the bottom to make it work. It’s not something we offer as standard but I’d need to see photos and know the heights, etc. before I could be certain. If you’d like to send some I’ll have a think about a solution.

  10. I am looking to cover a window 51cm wide by 94cm. It is a small window made of pvc and double glazed. Could you please give me a quote for the blind.

  11. I’m interested in trying these thermal roller blinds – just on one window to begin with – our house is fully double glazed, but it’s victorian and still as draughty as heck. However, I need a figure (ballpark will do) on cost before I go for one. The coldest room in our house (north facing, 2 external walls) also has the smallest window. 150 high by 110 wide inside the reveal. the double glazed unit is smaller than this, surrounded by timber. Please could you give me an idea of what it would cost? Thanks. Linda

  12. Hi Linda, They are roman (folding) blinds, not roller blinds. If you could email a photo we can let you know if its suitable & give you all the options, photos, prices, fixing & fitting details. If you’d prefer we can email you with some information, if you are interested in romans. Katy

  13. Please can you send me some fabric samples, plain and patterned as I wish to put these blinds in 5 windows in my Grade 2 listed Georgian flat with sash windows. The 4 largest windows are currently roughly 111 cms wide and 204 cms drop. Can the blinds be made that big?

  14. Hi Rosemary, yes that shouldn’t be a problem. I will email you directly so you can let me have your address for samples.

  15. Hi
    What are the maximum dimensions that these blinds can fit.
    And how can I order samples?

  16. Hi Naomi, the blind sizes are shown on the detail page; The fabric rolls are 1.4m wide. Blinds wider than 1.35m are simple if they are shorter than 1.25m – blinds over 1.35m in both dimensions require seams. The maximum blind width is around 2.5m & max. height around 3.0m.

    If you can send photos of your windows and dimensions we’ll send you lots more info. and arrange to send swatches if you’d like to list the colours/patterns & send your address. Please email these & we will get back to you.

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