New ingenious blind types

Now our roman blinds are an established product we’ve turned our attention to other types of windows with both thermal and blackout problems. With a combination of magnets, velcro & ingenuity we have several solutions which might help your own problem windows and doors.

There are several ways of attaching, folding & fixing suitable for; narrowboats, unusual windows, door panels, velux windows, campervans and more. Here are some of our ideas.

These are mostly simple panels with hidden secrets – we can use velcro, magnets or a combination of both, with fibreglass rods for stiffness if required.

The velux solution is a combination of velcro in the top half of the window, magnets in the bottom half & a tab tie so you can roll it right up. So the halfway-open solution is fast & easy, just clicks open & closed.

velux 2_1

Velux blind – left: front with magnets, right: roll & velcro for fully up

velux 2_2

Left: fitting the velcro, right: blind half-up held with magnets

This door panel is made with just velcro & poly-cotton blackout fabric – the simplest & cheapest solution.

door 3 pics

Left: blind flipped down for half-light, right: velcro fixings

This cupboard panel hides a very draughty, unsightly & cold services cupboard and uses velcro – the velcro strip needs to be stapled (or nailed) to your frame securely.

3 doors

Dark draughty cupboard transformed by insulated panel

This pivot window solution just uses magnets (very strong ones!) & can therefore be easily removed. It folds for a half-way solution and can be stashed away in summer (though as its in a bedroom it is useful to block morning sunlight).

window pair_1

Panel fixed with magnet, left: flipped down, right: flipped up

window pair_2

Pivot window, left: shows magnet, right: shows position of hidden magnet

This narrowboat blind combines all three solutions – hidden fibreglass rods keep it folding neatly, velcro secures the top edge & magnets can hold the edge (they aren’t in place in this prototype).

narrowboat 2

Narrowboat blind, left: fully up, right: first fold up, fibreglass rods & magnets hidden inside

So if you have a problem, get in touch with photos & sizes and we’ll try to help. For complicated problems we might need a template from you.

We can use 3 different sizes of magnet, depending on frame size, slope & fabric weight – the veluxes & pivot windows generally need 15mm magnets, blinds folding flat need 10mm ones. We haven’t used the 20mm ones yet but they are very strong! (2.0kg of pull) – we can also use square magnets if you don’t want round ones……


Magnets – self adhesive peel-off for easy application, 10mm x 1mm or 15mm x 1mm


Self-adhesive square magnet option


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